Saturday, 11 October 2014

Garden Spider

Today, I saw this little spider making a web from the shed in the garden. Couldn't help but snap a few photos. Quite a photogenic little creature.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Angel Of The North - Gateshead

Right after Penshaw Monument I thought I'd venture to the Angel of the North to take some pictures. This was again successful as the sun stayed out to make things bright and beautiful. 

Failed attempt of trying to take a picture from my car side mirror. If only it was cleaner.. 

Penshaw Monument - Tyne and Wear

This day was my first venture out with my camera. Canon EOS 700D. I didn't read much of the instructions when I was out, I tried to teach myself when I was out. I did a good job of that. Looking back at the pictures on a computer I thought I did pretty well for a first time out. 

The views from the top were beautiful. It was rather a blustery day, but it was the long walk up.